Zhu Zhu Pets, the whimsical motorized hamsters that conquered during last year's holiday shopping season, are coming back strong in 2010. Really, really strong: Meet Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters, the militant hamster arm of Zhu Zhu, loaded with elements that appeal especially to boys.

The new line will feature Special Forces, Ninja Warriors, Rangers, and the Skull Tribe Battle Hamsters, along with armor/battle gear, vehicles, and training arenas.


Training arenas?  Prior to their "training," you might mistake the Kung Zhu squad for a traditional Zhu Zhu Pet. They dart around, scurry from place to place, and coo and squeak based on the unique environment they encounter. But all that changes when the hamsters encounter the magical "Tablet of Zhu," a special training ground that transforms the Zhu Zhu Pets into Kung Zhu Special Forces or Ninja Warriors, ready to do battle against each other.

Look For Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters to be out in June!