Hamster Tanks

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Rhino Tank

Buzzsaw Tank

Scorpion Tank

Spider Skull Tank

Take battling of Special Forces and Ninja Warriors Kung Zhu Pets Hamsters to the next level... armor up and jump intoKung Zhu Tanks! Your Kung Zhuhamster is protected and ready for some serious battles in these tanks. Missiles firing, gatling guns turning, buzz saws sawing, pincers grabbing, and scuttling claws will strike fear into the enemy!


Kung Zhu Special Forces/Ninja Warriors Playsets

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Special Forces HQ

Mission Control

Combat Bridge

Ambush Alley U-Turn

Training Ground-Alpha

Training Ground-Bravo

Ninja Training Ground

Samurai Training Ground

Dragon Alley U-turn

Wheel Of Fire

Ninja Snake Pit

Ninja Dojo Base

Missile Attack Tower

Dragon Hammer

Kung Zhu Hamsters feature two battling groups called Special Forces and Ninja Warriors. Kung Zhu Pet owners will have the thrill of training each character to transform into fighting, battling warriors. All Kung Zhu hamsters start off as "cute mild-mannered pets" but once they are sent into their training ground playsets, and they "complete their training" (finish to the end of the courses) ou will actually hear a distinct personality transformation... as they become fighting ninja and warriors.

Once transformed, you can arrange ultimate battles between your Special Forces and Ninja Warriors Kung Zhu Pets! The Special Forces Kung Zhu army includes Stonewall, Seargent Serge, Rock'O and Rivit. These tough hamsters will evolve into Special Force Warriors after training in either the Alpha or Bravo training grounds with different weapons, armors and defense technology. In the meantime, your Ninja Warriors including Yama,Azer, Drayko and Thorn, will transform into rough fighters after training in their Samaurai and Ninja grounds using their own weapons and armors.


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